Silly Messages for Boyfriend


Sharing silly and funny notes with your boyfriends makes the relationship more sweet and romantic. The love that you express through words is better to be presented indirectly or in a fun way and that is why you make silly messages to make your boyfriend feel happy. Although the message is about love and hobby, but it seems more attractive when it is written in a fun way. You can find the best samples to present your thoughts of love in a fun way.
Silly Messages for Friends
Silly messages for ex boyfriend
Silly messages are the best options when it comes to leaving a relationship and you can send it to your ex boyfriend to present your feelings. The message lets you know that you are still strong enough and independent. Somehow he makes fun of your boyfriend.

“When I finished with you, you said that I would never find a boy like you, well, I do not need a boyfriend like you that I ended up with and I do not want to stay anymore. Go ahead in your life and be happy.”


Funny Silly Messages for Boyfriend
If your boyfriend feels lonely or poor, funny and silly messages are the medicine for such a problem. The message covered with your love brings the sweet note in the life of your boyfriend. You can add your fun moments to make it more beautiful.

“When you lift me in your arms, I feel fortunate and blessed with your love, I know you feel the same, you even have some extra feelings too, that you can not share with me, do not worry, I will lose my weight.”

Silly love messages for boyfriend
Sometimes, a nonsense note makes a miracle in the lover’s life, so send silly love messages to your boyfriend to make him smile. Although the message is about love, but it is presented in a romantic and pleasant way. Through the silly text message, bring out your desire.

“You do not need to be an employee in love, since love is in itself a 24-hour full-time job, your salary will be my love, your residence will be my heart and your promotion will be our sweet memories in love.”

Here is an additional collection of samples of silly boyfriend messages:

“I can not promise that I give you everything you want, I can not promise that I’ll be with you whenever you go, I can not say that I only share a smile, but I can say that I love you forever and ever.”

“It’s true, to support my mood is not so easy and you dare to try it, I would like to wish you congratulations as you get success in it, I always want to be with you.”

“If the darkness comes, we smile together, if the smile comes, we cry together, I know you can think I’m angry, it’s true, I’m crazy with you and I’m happy to be like that.”

“Open your heart and let me in, close the door and throw away the key, I want to be always locked in your heart and please do it for me, I love you forever.”

“The smile I have, you gave it since we first met, but in return, you stole my heart and you take it with you, I do not need it anymore, since I have the one you have.


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