Silly Away Messages


Being far from one makes you sad, but you can send a silly message to your close ones to say how much we miss you, but in a fun and pleasant way. The message brings sweet smile to the face of your loved one, even though he / she is out. He / she can relive old memories with your message. You can also send your best wishes through the text message. The message can be fun or romantic depending on your mood.

Here is a sweet collection of silly message samples below:

1). You’re miles away and I miss you so much. I know you always bother me when you are with me, but today there is nobody to bother me. I miss your presence.

2). The love that we share distance can not separate us. I am always with you in your heart. You can not touch me, but you can feel me inside you. Feel the beat of your heart, I am there with you.

3). You leave and leave me behind, but I’m not sad because you’re always with me. In every pain and pain, I only need you and no one else. You are the one who can handle me.

4). Go wherever you are, but keep me in your heart; Love has the power to increase the speed of life like you, time flies and without you, every second seems like a decade. I love you.

5). You are like a star that stays too far away, but it seems to be close; you are also the same as you are miles away, but it seems you are always with me. Love makes my life wonderful.

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