‘Salt Years,’ Explores Sigalit Landau’s Lifetime Relationship With the Dead Sea


The Israeli artist Sigalit Landau has a practice deeply linked to working with the Dead Sea. Landau uses the hypersaline water body as a photographic backdrop and as a means to suspend everyday objects, creating densely encrusted sculptures of salt. The elements you choose for your pieces are sometimes based simply on their textures and shapes, while others are chosen to filter the memories that have been transmitted to the artist through their parents and grandparents.

“These objects leave ‘the game’ of being useful ‘things’ and enter a new field: the open space of representation,” Landau told Colossal. “They lose their old characteristics and dimensions and inhale a certain purity of spirit, are treated by the climate and augmented by emotion.”


A new book called Salt Years, explores Landau’s process, bringing a new perspective to his sculptures of salt crystal, video art and images created in the last 15 years. Inside the book, Landau explores his process of “baptizing” objects in the waters of the Dead Sea, showing how the sea full of salt breathes new life into inanimate works through behind-the-scenes photos, and personal notes and essays.

You can preorder the 288-page book through the Indiegogo de Landau campaign and track your progress through the book’s Facebook.


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