New & Latest Funny Valentine Card Messages for Husband


Valentine’s Day is a special day to express your love for your husband. You lived long enough with him to pull his leg and express your love in an ingenious way. Write funny messages of Valentine’s Day cards in a peculiar and cute way and tell him how much you love him and take care of him. Send her interesting Valentine’s Day wishes, quote on a greeting card and tell her what it means to you in your life. Share your messages to him on WhatsApp and Facebook. Have some fun quotes like your Facebook status and Whatsapp. Enjoy your day with lots of love showering each other.
New & Latest Funny Valentine Card Messages for Husband
Funny Valentine’s wishes Messages for the husband

1). You are a fire that keeps burning my heart, a louse always on my head, a crayon that adds colors to my life. Jokes aside, you’re wonderful to be with them. Happy Valentines Day.

2). I wish we were a computer keyboard, do you know why? Because U and I will always be side by side. Happy Valentines Day.

3). You are a thief, you stole my heart, you are a forbidden drug and I am addicted to you. You are like a flood, I drown with your love. Happy Valentine’s Day dear husband.

4). I always looked for someone with whom I would love to live, but I found someone with whom I can not live. Happy Valentines Day

5). The recipe for my Valentine’s Day for you: ½ cup of hugs; 2/3 cup of kisses; 10 pounds of chocolates and 1 big bowl of love. Happy Valentines Day

Said cute funny Valentine for the husband

6). Diamonds and gold are precious. But your love has no price for me. Happy Valentines Day.

7). Strong and sweet, robust and romantic, wild and wonderful … the list is endless. I am running out of adjectives to praise you. Happy Valentines Day

8). This day is to celebrate love. Let us have a continuous celebration all our life. Happy Valentines Day.

9). Words can not express my feelings for you, but I thought that today is the right day to express my love for you. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.

10). You’re the kind of man I’ve always dreamed of being with. I’m lucky to meet you. Happy Valentines Day.

Funny Valentine messages for friends
Everyone listens to what you say. Friends listen to what you say. The best friends listen to what you do not say. Happy Valentines Day

Funny Valentine’s messages for kids
You are a very sweet and mischievous child. You deserve a lot of love. Happy Valentines Day

Valentine’s messages for the wife
“Love is like a river, it always changes, but it always finds you again somewhere along the way.” Happy Valentine’s Day dear wife.

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