How to Nail NaNoWriMo This Month


Are you embarking on a one-month search to write the first draft of the novel you’ve been dreaming of? Or maybe you just want to feed on the energy of the 400,000 people who are. Here are our best tips for aspiring novelists.
Schedule your writing time
Time management is the first step to completing any important writing work. Sitting down to write is as intimidating as going to the gym or opening your tax program every April. Whether or not you are on a NaNo schedule, you should find out when, where and how you will write, and then stick to that plan.

Choose your weapon
Do you prefer to write by hand, in a trustworthy notebook? Open Word on your computer? Or maybe you’d like to hear about our favorite applications for fiction writing. Just be sure to give them an execution test first.

Write with friends
Writing is difficult, and misery loves company. But writing can also be fun, so why not ignore your best friends and / or new acquaintances in favor of your laptop? Take some snacks and extension cords and organize your own writing.

Put anything on the page
It’s okay to write badly at the beginning. A first draft of shit paves the way for your idea of ​​real genius to manifest. Consider starting each day with three pages of trash.

Do you need some inspiration to write? Visit these NaNoWriMo forums to get “adoptable” ideas that you can add to your story.

This is for the unconditional NaNoers. If you need to make words count, as a matter of pride or stubbornness, throw the quality out the window and use these dirty tricks to finish your novel on time.

Learn to write
The following is optional for NaNo, but you may prefer to write a good novel draft to write any old dreck. Maybe you can take one of these creative writing courses online. Or you can read the advice of novelist Julian Gough on how to turn his initial word into something readable.

While you are receiving advice, read what 20 journalists have to say about writing well. Take the advice of Pulitzer winner, Jennifer Egan, too.

To write exciting scenes, consider borrowing from the writing techniques of former FBI director James Comey. Yes really! Stop using the word “very” so much; Here is a sheet of word tricks to use instead. Try to structure your sentences with the best part at the end.

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