How to Justify text in WordPress 4.7 & How to Underline Text ?


Well, as you know, WordPress 4.7 has come to light. And there is a lot of kindness that comes to us in this new version. Cool things like:

*** A new default theme
*** User administration languages
*** PDF thumbnails


And for those who venture into CSS (or maybe, the hardcore developer):

*** Custom CSS ad Live Previews
*** REST API Content endpoints

And there are always tons of other solutions that come with each release.

But, guess what happened in the editor?

Now, this may not be huge for most people, but having worked with thousands of beginners, it’s remarkable for me. Since I started giving workshops and teaching WordPress in 2010, when I reviewed the editing tools, I have told my clients and students constantly two things during those six years:

Ignore underline and justification tools

So, first justification. The full justification was fine in the days of printing, although, even then, it was considered more difficult to read. But when it infiltrated the websites, things hit the fan. I can honestly say that the complete justification on the web always sucked. Extending letters to fill areas often makes things totally illegible. There is more to say here.

Second, he emphasizes. When I shared my frustration with the underlined text, I always heard moans and groans. Especially since people liked subordinate titles and use them to emphasize the text. But guess that? During all this time it was only a problem. Why? Because people consider that the underlined text is a link. Yes, a link. In fact, I can tell you a long time ago when I used it in moderation, I often received emails telling me that I had links that were not working on my site. How painful.

What you see here:

Good Riddance!

Now some of you may be a little sad about the underlines. You really did like them, even if they caused confusion. You will still be able to get it with a keyboard shortcut, which I refuse to share, but it will be there. And consider bold and italicizefor text emphasis.

And if we are lucky, maybe next version there will be a warning box when you try to use it:

Warning: Using underlines will confuse your readers.

How to Justify text in WordPress 4.7 ?

If you want to Justify Text in WordPress 4.7 then You have to follow the below path.

1.)Select the Text which will be Justified
2.)Press : SHIFT + ALT + J
3.)This is the easiest way from that You will able to justify text in wordpress 4.7 .

Justify Text in WordPress 4.7 For Mac

Ctrl + Option (Alt) + J

How to do Underline to the text in WordPress 4.7 ?

If you want to Underline Below Text in WordPress 4.7 then You have to follow the below path.

1.)Select the Text which will be underlined
2.)Press : CTRL + U

You will able to add Underline the text in wordpress 4.7 .


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