Funny Welcome Messages for Guests


Funny wishes of welcome for the guests are funny to make the guests smile. The funny wishes can be sent through cards with funny welcome quotes or through text messages with funny images.

Find funny and funny welcome messages below so that guests can make them smile when they arrive:
Funny Welcome Messages for Guests
1). Dear guest, we welcome you to the wedding reception of your only child. We hope he does not end up breaking the party like the last time he created a disaster on his birthday.

2). Welcome the guest at the wedding party with love. I hope you have arrived with good gifts for the married couple, according to which you would be served food.

3). Welcome wishes for the guest at the anniversary party. We hope you enjoy the good party presented for the invitations, however, keep your food limit for others too.

4). I warmly welcome the guest to our school’s annual function. Make at least one purchase at the stands with customer artifacts or you would not be allowed to leave.

5). Welcome to the dear friend invited at dinner. I hope you entertain the other guests with your good singing skills for which you are mainly invited.

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