Funny Graduation Message to Brother


The funny graduation wishes are funny and are sent to make the brother happy with a smile on his face. The wishes are sent through cards with funny characters or also through text messages with funny cartoons. You can also send a funny video clip with the brother’s graduation wishes on a DVD.

Below are examples of funny graduation messages for brother:
Funny Graduation Message to Brother
1). Dear brother, I hope you have arranged a gift back for me when I give you your graduation gift since I do not want to return empty handed. I wish you congratulations.


2). Dear brother, extending my best wishes for your graduation. I hope you have organized a delicious meal and wine for the success for which I am coming to your apartment.

3). Dear brother, sending good wishes for the success of your graduation. I hope you get the best place in the university abroad and show me a vacancy, which makes it much easier.

4). Sweet Brother, bring me an additional application form when you apply for a place at the university abroad, since it would save me time. I wish you the best wishes for the graduation.

5). Lovely brother, wishing you congratulations for your graduation. I hope you start giving me pocket money now that you would be working.


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