Funny Good Night Messages to Sister


Good night for the sister can be written on cards with funny pictures or funny quotes and send them to the sister. You can also upload a funny image of the night and send the wishes there or make the good night want recordings in a video clip and send it to the sister on a DVD.

Examples of funny messages of good night for the sister with the example:
Funny Good Night Messages
1). Dear sister, I hope you are preparing to sleep soon instead of wasting time talking useless with your love. I wish you a good night and I remind you that I am in the next room.

2). Dear sister, I wish you the best and good evening. Make sure you sleep early to go tomorrow with me or I’ll drag you out the next morning.

3). Sweet sister, I hope you have a good night’s sleep with beautiful dreams. Make sure you do not bother with idle conversations or you’ll have a bad day tomorrow.

4). Lovely sister, wishing you a good night’s sleep. Do not forget to wake me up in the morning for nap or else you will not have breakfast in the morning done by me.

5). Dear sister, I send you nice wishes for you. I hope you sleep well and do not bother me with your wake-up calls at dawn.

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