Funny Good Night Messages to Boss


The boss’s good and funny farewell wishes can be sent through cards with funny pictures or funny quotes on wishes. You can also send the funny wishes through a text message sent to the boss on a DVD or you can also send through the social networking sites by uploading a funny photo of the morning and writing the wishes of the night there.

Good samples of goodnight goodnight messages for the boss are given below:
Funny Good Night Messages
1). Dear boss, I wish you a good night in this text. Please remember that the subject of the promotion will be discussed tomorrow and you are not allowed to avoid it like the last time.

2). Dear boss, wishing you a good night. Personally, I am sending you this text to remind you about the salary increase that you forget every time I say it in person.

3). Sweet boss, I send you goodnight especially for you. In memory of the bet you lost today, do not forget the treatment you promised me as a penalty.

4). This text brings good wishes for my cute boss and also a reminder of the evaluation of the project he has been postponing and pretending to forget. Remember this time that you are registered.

5). Through this text, I would like to wish my beloved boss a good night’s sleep. I hope you have a peaceful dream with dreams of giving me the salary raise I was anxiously waiting for.

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