Funny Good Morning Messages for Crush


The fun good morning for the lovers is fun and they intend to make the audience smile. The fun wishes of the morning can be sent through cards with quotes or funny images or they can also be sent through text messages with funny emoticons.

The list of examples of funny messages of good morning to fall in love sent in different ways is detailed below:
Funny Good Morning Messages for Crush
1). Dear lover, sending you a wish of good morning with love. I hope you remember the birthday gift you promised me and I remind you that today you will come the day and you will not be able to escape from it.

2). Dear lover, I send you beautiful good wishes and gifts. Make sure you send me back gifts so that it also makes me feel good about the day.

3). Dear lover, through this coquettish text, I send you a sweet and pleasant desire. I hope you remember to bring the money you owe me, since days have passed after the loan.

4). Sweet in love, I send you good wishes tomorrow and a beautiful dress as a gift. Make sure to wear it and come today or else I would leave you waiting for hours to meet me.

5). Cute crush, I send good wishes through this text and I hope you have a good day. I hope you remember to give me back the money soon, that I lent you.

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