Funny Earth Day Wishes


Earth Day is an annual celebration in which different types of events are held around the world in order to motivate people to work and support the protection of the environment. Since 1970, more than 193 countries have been celebrating this wonderful day by organizing various Earth Day activities and events. By sending Earth Day appointments, SMS wishes of Happy Earth Day are an important part of Earth Day activities. These greeting cards and wishes of Earth Day are a way to share your joy with your loved ones on this important day.
Funny Earth Day Wishes
Below is a collection of thoughtful and inspiring text messages and Earth Day quotes that can be used to send best wishes to everyone.

“The Earth is like our home and belongs to us, it is our responsibility to take care of it by planting trees and controlling pollution to have a greener planet, a warm greeting on Earth Day for you.”

“The Earth has always given us all the comforts and the need of life, care for everyone as a mother and we must also protect and take care of it in the best way.” Happy Earth Day J. “

“On Earth Day, we promise to plant a tree one person each year and we will have a much greener and happier planet to live as every little effort counts, Happy Earth Day for you.”

“We all breathe the same air, we drink the same water and live on the same planet.” Let us unite to save our planet from pollution and degradation. I wish you a happy Earth Day. “

“It’s time to return the favor of Mother Earth by planting more trees, controlling pollution and making it a greener planet.” Let’s thank the Earth for taking care of it. Happy Earth Day for you. “

“It is our responsibility to take care of the planet Earth It is our responsibility to give Mother Earth in a healthier way to our next generation Let us work to make it a better place Happy Earth Day.”

The Earth has always been a generous mother. She has always provided us with food, shelter and happiness. Let us return your favor by preserving and protecting it. Happy Earth Day 2017. “

“Earth provides everything a man needs, but a man is always careless with the needs of the Earth, let us unite to love and protect him from the damage, Happy Earth Day 2017.

“On the occasion of Earth Day, we must commit to caring for our planet by planting trees, controlling pollution to protect it from all negativities, I wish you a Happy Earth Day.”

“We must express our gratitude to Mother Earth for taking care of it, protecting it and making it a healthier and greener place to live in. We wish you and your family a happy day on earth!

Use this collection of wishes and short messages from Earth Day 2017 to send to your family and friends:

“Do not forget that you have inherited this Land from your ancestors to transmit it to your children … The responsibility of taking good care of it rests on your shoulders … Happy Earth Day”.

“Mother Earth has the power to provide the best of everything to satisfy the need of every man, but it does not satisfy the greed of any man … I wish you a warm greeting on Earth Day.”

“Let’s thank Mother Earth for nourishing us with the best resources and commit to preserve these resources for our next generations …”. Happy Earth Day to my friend. “

“The reason behind our health and happiness is Mother Earth … We must work harder to protect it, nurture it and keep it greener … Sending warm greetings for Earth Day for you.”

“The beauty of the Earth lies in its simplicity and natural appearance … Let’s commit to conserve its natural resources and protect them from degradation … Happy Earth Day for you”.

Earth Day greeting card messages

“To understand Mother Earth, spend some time and feel nature, try it and you would know it in depth … I wish you a warm greeting on Earth Day.”

“Earth Day is the day of celebration and making promises … To make it a happier, healthier and greener planet for generations to come … Happy Earth Day!”

“Planting trees is the best day to spread love, prosperity and harmony … Let’s all work together to care for Mother Earth with much love … I wish you Happy Earth Day.”

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