Funny Christmas Messages for Mom


The fun Christmas wishes are funny and are meant to smile on the face of the mother. The fun Christmas wishes 2018 are sent through text messages with funny emoticons or through cards with funny characters and funny quotes. You can also create a fun Christmas video clip for the mother and send it to her through a DVD.

Here are some examples of fun Christmas 2018 messages that you can send to your mom.

Funny Christmas Wishes Messages for Lover
1). Dear mom, you make every Christmas special for you with your wonderful gifts, this year I also hope for the best of you … Merry Christmas for you mother.

2). I still remember the moments when you wore Santa to sneak into my room … Revitalize those moments and I’m sure it will look more beautiful this time … Merry Christmas mom.

3). No Santa can replace you mommy because you are in every way the most wonderful Santa … I wish you lots of hugs and love this Christmas Mommy!

4). Thanking him for all his love, affection, care and concern will be too less for all he has done for me. Dear mom, you have been my mentor, friend and of course my guardian who has helped me to be a better person. Wishing great health and prosperity for you at Christmas. Merry Christmas.

5). There is no better way to thank you for making my life such a dear mother. You entered my life as Santa Claus and filled her with happiness and fortune. I wish to warm you Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year. Thank you for always being there for me.

6). I do not think you want any gift from me this Christmas. Because you already have such a loving child by your side. Merry Christmas, mom.

7). As Santa does not arrive this Christmas. He has sent a message to buy his own gifts. Have a Merry Christmas, mom.

8). Santa is looking for your mom gift. You advise him to organize himself as you ask me too. Merry Christmas.

9). It’s Christmas and I’m waiting for the gifts. But not Santa. Where is my gift, mom? Merry Christmas.

10). I hope you give me a wonderful gift this Christmas. My list is kept under my bed. Have a happy Christmas, mom.

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