Funny Christmas Messages for Husband


The funny Christmas wishes for the husband are sent through text messages with funny emoticons or through cards containing funny characters. You can also send cards with fun Christmas wishes for the husband. The funny wishes are sent to make the festival more happy and special and to be a smile on the face of the husband.

Such funny messages are sent by the wife. Below are some fun examples of Christmas wishes 2018.
Funny Chirstmas Santa
1). The only thing I want from you this Christmas is a solitaire that will be our symbol of love … Merry Christmas for the best husband and I will be waiting for my gift.

2). Jesus Christ brought you to my life when he saw that I am completely relaxed and carefree … A warm greeting to the most beautiful and charming husband … Merry Christmas, my love.

3). I hope we can walk hand in hand in the Christmas season and make me buy the best of gifts to brighten up this day … Warm wishes at Christmas for the best husband, my love.

4). This year I’m going to ask Santa Claus to give my husband more money so he can buy a lot more time so we can go on vacation frequently. Merry Christmas dear husband. May all my wishes come true.

5). A cordial greeting to my beloved husband at Christmas 2018. On this occasion, I bought a surprise gift for him. Thanks for the beautiful gift. And yes, happy new year.

6). May Santa give you skill and intelligence this Christmas so you can buy gifts for me more efficiently. Merry Christmas to you.

7). Christmas will be incomplete without you. Because your credit card is necessary to buy gifts. Merry Christmas.

8). Christmas night is very special for me and only for you. Even if you’re not there, it does not matter, but my gift should be there.

9). Since you’re not here this Christmas, my husband. I’ve asked for you as my Christmas present. So, if Santa comes looking for him, do not be afraid. Merry Christmas.

10). I have ordered a nice and better gift this Christmas. But Santa says he can not give me because I already have you. Merry Christmas.

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