Funny Anniversary Messages to Wife


On your anniversary date, do something different and wish your wife a happy anniversary in a different way. A fun anniversary message for his wife brings a sweet smile to his wife’s face, but expresses his emotion beautifully. Present your past memories in a loving and sweet way to your wife and express some fun moments through the words. A funny and romantic message tells your wife how much you love her, but in a fun way.

Below is a sweet collection of funny displays of anniversary messages for the wife:
Funny Anniversary Message to Brother
1). Love is amazing, but sometimes quiet, like when you’re noisy, I have to be quiet. This is called understanding that I have shared with you, but I know that our love is more than anything else. I love you and happy anniversary.

2). We argue, but we also agree; Life is not only love, but also struggle. The secret of being together is that you always keep love above everything, whatever you do. I love you because nobody is there to handle me more than you. Be with me always Happy anniversary.

3). I shared my happiness and broke with you, and your support gives me confidence to win any challenge. Sometimes I just think how you can stand all this mess I made. You can get a better partner than me, but for me, you are the best I can live with for the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary.

4). I congratulate you for sharing another year of suffering and misery with me. The anniversary is the mark of the celebration of love and joy, but also of tolerance. But do not you dare leave me alone, I want to share all my emotions with you alone. Happy Anniversary.

5). We got old with time, but our love always stays young, just like our first date, but the difference is that our skins will have age marks, our black hair will turn gray, but our love will never be old. Happy anniversary dear.

6). No matter how much weight you put years after years, you will always be light for me and I can easily take you in my arms. But you must be ready with a balm or an ointment after that. Let’s enjoy the trip together. I love you

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