Wishing a couple with a beautiful funny anniversary message and bring a sweet smile to their face. A message expresses your desire in a fun way and makes the moment more cheerful. The words of the message extend the charm and make the moment more adorable for a couple. Although it is a funny message, but it presents your true emotion. You can send the message with a gift or a beautiful card.

Below is a list of sweet and cute sweet message samples:
Funny Anniversary Messages to Couple
1). A married life is like enjoying good days as much as you can, since the bad days never seem to end; much demand and expectation, but it is our life, some people give up and some applaud. You enjoy the trip so you deserve a happy anniversary together.


2). If there were any degree in love, you together had the highest; love and trust make you a golden couple and you are the inspiration of all. I wish that the one who is ahead is the same as you. Happy anniversary for the happiest couple.

3). The anniversary is made for the rare couple who enjoy their days throughout the year; love makes everything easy for them, regardless of whether it is bad or good. I’m happy you’re among the rare. I wish you a happy anniversary and a long year of union.

4). My anniversary is for the most beautiful couple who makes love and fight is part of their life. He argued a lot, but he also agreed that the perfect couple enjoys both shades of color. I wish you a happy anniversary.

5). The secret of being a beautiful couple has always been the secret, because other people simply do not understand how you can smile and cry with joy. It is the mystery of your life that you share together. Happy Anniversary.

6). Today you may be surprised to go back in your past and look for the answer of how you tolerate together for so long. It is the reason why both share happy moments today and always. Happy Anniversary.


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