Funniest Car Fails Of All Time


How often do you drive? We’ve all driven some vehicles at some point in our lives, right? But do you ever find yourself in hilarious situations like these? Most likely not. However, these are the most fun cars that would fail in the world. See how strangely these people went with their cars.

These are the worst automotive decorations, modifications and custom car jobs of all time. Even those of you who used to see “Pimp My Ride” will RELIGIOUSLY be appalled by these low-quality car mods. From the wonderful minds of some of the best people in redneck innovation, to some guys who can not accept the idea that they own a Dodge Neon, there is nothing more than a hilarious, sad and really quite expensive car mod. In this list that will make you happy you have absolutely any appearance of taste. Also, you can be jealous if you think that a 1987 stroller turned into a monster truck is what the ladies and / or boys would give you.

Either way, here is a gallery, compiled from the Internet, of the worst car decorations and modifications of all time. Undoubtedly, the bad taste of people will make us need at least 75,000 of these lists, but for now, enjoy this car modification gallery for what it is: hilarious, reaffirming and sad, all at the same time.

Car repairs are just problems. Not only does he usually have to deal with a blank-eyed guy named Steve, who tells him that his transmission should be replaced when all he was looking for was a zero repair, but he also has to save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to Get it done. It is one of the worst annoyances of life, but unfortunately it is a necessary evil.

These people decided to think outside the box when it came to repairing their cars and combine a little creativity with a little DIY. The results are … interesting. But hey, at least it did not cost him an arm and a leg?

Funniest Car Fails Of All Time

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