Foxy Love: Photographer Proves That Foxes Are Extremely Loving Creatures


The talented Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond (of whom we have written and spoken before here) takes impressive pictures of wild foxes. For Valentine’s Day this year, he agreed to give Bored Panda an exclusive interview and talk about how attentive and caring foxes are, despite the popular belief that they are evil and deceptive creatures.

“I do not know any animal that shows as much love and affection as foxes, that could be because I do not know any animals, like I know foxes, but that is not the point here … The point is … love Foxy love to be more precise. ”

“It is known that foxes are intelligent, false, deceptive and evil creatures, a successful murder, even I believed it when I was a child, when I read the famous fox fables.” That was, until I started to follow the foxes and learned to I knew them very well and I discovered that love should be their second name “.

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