Bohemian Rhapsody: The True Story Behind Freddie Mercury’s Relationships


This is how he met Mary Austin, his first girlfriend, and Jim Hutton, his romantic partner of seven years.

Who were the great loves of Freddie Mercury’s life? According to the Biography of the Queen Bohemian Rhapsody, there are two people: Mary Austin and Jim Hutton. However, the film omits many details about both relationships, adjusting and hiding precious data. These are the real stories of Austin and Hutton, who entered Mercury’s life at crucial moments and remained close to him until his death in 1991.

Bohemian Rhapsody: The True Story Behind Freddie Mercury’s Relationships

Mary austin

In 1969, Austin was a 19-year-old employee at an English boutique called Biba when she met Mercury, 24. At the time, he was an aspiring singer, but he had not yet become one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. Still, Austin was intrigued by the “wild-looking musician.”

“He did not look like anyone he had met before,” he told the Daily Mail in 2013. “He had a lot of confidence, something I’ve never been in. We grew up together.”

The couple quickly started dating. Bohemian Rhapsody approaches this story of origin, with Lucy Boynton playing Austin. In 1973, Mercury proposed. “He gave me a big box on Christmas day. Inside there was another box, then another and so on. It was like one of his playful games, “he recalled.” Finally, I found a beautiful jade ring inside the last small box … I was shocked, it just was not what I expected, I just whispered, ‘Yes. to.'”

Mercury also cemented his adoration for Austin with the ballad “Love of My Life” (which is played a lot in Bohemian Rhapsody). He also took her to meet his parents. “She was lovely,” said Mercury’s mother, Jer Bulsara, in a 2012 interview.

However, the wedding was canceled after Mercury went to Austin as a bisexual, she told the Daily Mail. Even though they ended their romantic relationship, they stayed incredibly close, with Mercury buying her a home and always talking fondly of her in public.

“All my lovers asked me why they could not replace Mary, but it’s just impossible,” Mercury said in an interview in 1985. “The only friend I have is Mary, and I do not want anyone else.” For me, she was my common law wife, for me, it was a marriage, we believe in each other, that’s enough for me. “

Austin, who later married and had two children, attended Mercury after his diagnosis of AIDS. When the singer died in 1991, he entrusted him with much of his heritage and his London mansion, Garden Lodge, which he still maintains. Austin also fulfilled his wish that his cremated remains be dispersed in an undisclosed location. “No one will know where he is buried because that was his wish,” he once said. “I wanted it to remain a secret and it will continue to be so.”

Jim hutton

In the film, Jim Hutton (played by Aaron McCusker) is presented as a member of a cleaning team that has a tête-à-tête irritable but at the end flirtatious with Mercury after one of his noisy parties in the house. Actually, the Irishman, born and raised in Carlow County, was a hairdresser who met the singer of Queen in a gay bar in the 1980s, according to an interview that Hutton did with The Times of London in 2006. Although eventually they would settle In a seven-year relationship, which ended with the death of Mercury in 1991, it was far from being love at first sight.

According to that interview, Hutton said he met Mercury at Heaven, a gay nightclub in London. The singer, who was three years older, offered to buy him a drink. Hutton, who did not recognize the superstar, rejected the offer. They did not connect until a year and a half later, Hutton said in an interview in 1994, when they saw themselves, once again, at a nightclub and Mercury offered to buy him a drink again. This time, Hutton accepted. They started dating and, less than a year later, Hutton moved to Garden Lodge. He kept his job as a hairdresser.

They stayed together, although Mercury never came out publicly, which did not matter much to Hutton. However, the couple did ups and downs. “I saw him with another guy in the sky and we had a big fight.” He told me he did it to make me jealous, “Hutton reminded the Times.” Then, one day I saw him leave his apartment in Kensington with another boy and we had a I told him he had to make up his mind. “

In the course of their relationship, Hutton witnessed historical moments, such as the high performance of Queen’s Live Aid in 1985. “I was shocked, you could feel the effect that your presence on stage had on the crowd,” he said of the show, which he saw behind the stage. “Then, Elton [John] came and said: ‘Bastard, you’ve stolen’.”

In his downtime, Hutton said the Queen’s star was quiet and reserved, a world far from his showman persona. “He loved his cats. I would go in from work. We would lie down together on the couch. He massaged my feet and asked me about my day, “said Hutton, who continued for the next several years, until the diagnosis of Mercury with AIDS in 1987. It was an unbearable moment, with friends like Joe Fanelli, Mercury’s cook, and Peter Freestone, his assistant, taking turns taking care of the sick singer.

The couple’s last conversation, says Hutton, took place a few days before Mercury’s death. “It was 6 o’clock in the morning, I wanted to look at his pictures.” How am I going to get off? “He asked.” I’ll take you, “I said, but he made his own way, clinging to the railing. I did not fall down, I took a chair to the door, I sat on it and I turned on the spotlights that lit each photo, He said, ‘Oh, they’re wonderful.’ “

After the death of the singer, Austin took over Garden Lodge and reportedly expelled Hutton, despite Hutton’s claim that Mercury wanted him to stay there. He was devastated by his decision, he said. However, Mercury left him with £ 500,000 (almost $ 1 million, according to the 1991 conversion rate), which used to return to Ireland. He also wrote a book about their relationship, simply titled Mercury and me.

Hutton died on January 1, 2010, after a long battle with cancer. He was 60 years old.

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