15 Fun plans to make this Christmas as a family


It’s Christmas and you’re finally all reunited as a family … we have 15 great plans for you!

Christmas is here and we can already feel the spirit flooding the streets, shops and our own home. But it is also a time of meetings with friends, family plans and many times at home, so we are going to take advantage of these holidays to do fun things and create a Christmas atmosphere with your family.


Here we have a few proposals to spend a unique Christmas surrounded by the people you love:
Christmas Family
1. Make homemade Christmas ornaments

Make your own decorations for the house. Purchase glitter of all colors, lights, tinsel, cardboards, artificial snow … We do not know if they will be the most beautiful ornaments, but you will enjoy being all together

2. Put the Christmas decoration

To decorate the house. You can set a particular hue or color, and among the ornaments that you have already made plus the ones you buy each one, you already have it. It will be spectacular

3. Prepare Christmas cards

Make original homemade Christmas cards to congratulate the parties. Each year you can create a limited edition of cards and save a souvenir sample for the Christmas album. The handmade cards are very entertaining and give children of all ages the opportunity to use their imagination.

4. Cooking sweets or Christmas meals

Cook together. If there is something that really unites, it is the kitchen. So whatever happens to you cooking, do it! It is not necessary to make the most elaborate dish in the world, what counts is that you do it together. In addition children will be thrilled to be able to eat what they themselves have cooked.

5. Dressing up as Santa Claus

Disguise yourself from Santa Claus and surprise everyone by entering through a window, because we already know that the real one comes through the fireplace.

6. Christmas movie film marathon

Make a selection of your favorite movies and you set up a movie marathon. You can take out the Christmas sweets and the roasted chestnuts in the fire … You will not want to leave home!

Prepare an original and special Christmas greeting

Make Facetime or Skype or send a video to relatives who are far away. But before that, you have to prepare a special greeting or a song that makes people or people who are far away feel special.

8. Travel

Why do not you plan a trip together? Good family moments do not have to happen only during Christmas.

9. Recreate a Christmas scene

Create among all a Christmas scene with a song and record it. Besides having a great time while you shoot it, then you will love to see the result.

10. Remember and share special moments of the year

Taking advantage of some of the meetings around the table I propose that, each of you, remember the most special or beautiful moment that you have lived in the year. You will end up crying, but with joy.

11. Invent Christmas carols

Invent your own family carols. You will have a great time and you can also go out to your neighbors to sing them, maybe they give you the bonus!

12. Play the invisible friend

You have to prepare an invisible friend together. Because in addition to the gifts brought by Santa Claus and the Magi, you can give and receive a special gift from a surprise member of your family

13. Go skating

What if you go out on the street and you go ice skating all together? Surely more than one ends up on the floor and the rest you will die of laughter

14. Take out the board games

Play some board game. From the monopoly, through the trivial, to end up playing to guess movies (among other millions of games). Whatever the chosen game, you will have a great time

15. Dress up

Dress up! As easy as leaving in the chair of each one, a special costume or simply accessories (noses, mustaches, glasses …) will be the funniest dinner you live in years!


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