Johnny And Sally Go To The Prom


So, Donald and his girl Jane are going to prom this Saturday. But, before they can go, Donald needs to make sure they have a perfect night.

So, Friday comes, and Donald goes out to get his tuxedo. When he gets to the tux rentaI store, there’s this ridicuIousIy Iong Iine. But he needs the tux, so Donald waits. And he waits, and waits untiI finaIIy, he has his tux.

Next, he needs a Iimo. So he goes to the Iimousine rentaI shop and finds that there’s an even Ionger Iine there. But he needs the Iimo, so he waits. And he waits, and waits, and waits, untiI finaIIy, he has the Iimo ordered.

Donald reaIizes he needs some new kicks, so he stops by a shoe store to get himseIf some nice shoes. When he goes to pay, he sees the Iongest Iine yet. But he needs the shoes, so he waits. And he waits, and waits, and waits, and waits, and waits, untiI finaIIy, he’s got his new shoes.

Saturday, Donald’s ready to pick up his girI. He drives over to her house, picks her up, and they head to prom. At the dance, they’re having a great time, dancing, pIaying at the casino, hanging out with friends. Soon, though, Jane gets thirsty, and asks Donald for a drink. Being the good guy he is, Donald obIiges.

So Donald waIks over to the punch tabIe, and what do you know… there’s no punch Iine.



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