Funny New Year Messages for Love


The funny New Year wishes for love are funny and are meant to make the person feel happy and put a smile on their face. Funny New Year wishes can be sent through cards with funny quotes and sayings along with New Year’s wishes. You can also send funny emoticons and New Year’s wishes through text messages to the person or you can upload a funny photograph and send the best greetings there.

The following are some of the fun and happy New Year wishes for the lover to make them laugh:
Funny Happy New Year
1). This 2016 my resolution is to love you more, fight less with you, lift your shopping bags and take you out to appointments more frequently. This will surely make it a Happy New Year for you, my love.

2). The best new year wishes my love. I wish that together we make this year happen with many parties and celebrations. May God bless us with a ticket for each party. Happy 2016 my love.

3). Dear lover, I wish you a happy new year with love. I hope you have organized the New Year’s party for the night with a good barbecue, as you would be visiting.

4). I send happy New Year wishes to my lover through this text. Make sure you pack a beautiful New Year’s gift for me the moment I get home as I gave you last year.

5). For my lover, happy new year wishes you with gifts from me. I hope that this New Year’s start is at least good for you, unlike last year when you vomited at the party.

6). Happy New Year wishes for my sweet lover through this text. Organize a good New Year party unlike last year when he organized a poor and miserable party.

7). For my lover, I send you Happy New Year wishes through this text. Let this New Year be a good one and get a girl to marry soon and save me the trouble of your constant complaints.

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