Funny Anniversary Messages to Husband


On your anniversary, send a beautiful funny message to your husband expressing all your excitement and love. Present your past memories through the words in a fun and romantic way and give a sweet smile to your boyfriend’s face. The words of the message express all your wishes and happiness and bring you all those memories that you have spent together. Add your personal touch to your message and make it more beautiful.

Here’s a nice collection of fun anniversary message samples for your husband:
Funny Anniversary Message to Brother
1). Throughout all those years, two things never change, one is the love we feel for each other and the other is that you never forget to bother me. But I feel angry when I get angry because I do not want to make your effort in vain. Happy Anniversary.

2). I love you always, no matter what the situation is. You are with me in my pain and gain and I know that you always do your best to make my state of mind charming, you can even cry for me. You are the perfect partner. Happy Anniversary.

3). You comfort me with my ripping and you are always there to listen to my meaningless stories. You may get bored sometimes, but the best thing is that you never say “for”. I love you and it’s our love anniversary.

4). I am always the same as you, you love me, you give me your smile; you embrace me and place me in your heart. Never let me go, not for a while. With you I want to spend the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary.

5). I enjoyed many colors of life with you and together we experienced a beautiful past, which is full of love and a little discussion. All day may not be the same, but love is the solution to each of my pains. Wishes Happy anniversary.

6). Love strengthens the bond, but the dispute brings us closer. Then, when we thought we had to get closer, you argued with me and I accepted it. Our relationship has all the nuances of colors and I welcome all this. I love you.

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